Tohatsu Outboard 40HP


High performance and easy operation:

  •   PGM-FI Programmed fuel injection for optimum performance

  •  *BLAST, Boosted Low Speed Torque system which controls Air / Fuel mixture and ignition timing and improves hole shot performance

  • *ECOmo (Economy Controlled Motor) lean burn control system allowing combustion to operate on a leaner air   / fuel mixture at cruising speed for superior fuel efficiency

  • Powerful 35amp alternator and rectifier for battery charging

  • Power trim and tilt

  • Standard Side Mount Rig Kit includes Premium Polished Stainless Steel Bezel Tacho meter with built in Hour meter along with a Trim meter to match

  • Optional upgrade rigging kits are available to Topmount, Flushmount and Twin Controls 

  • Optional gauges available

* registered trademark of Honda Motor Co.Ltd

Fundamentals for user convenience and reliability:

  • 4 Step corrosion protection as a result of double sealed multi layered paint process.

  • Speedometer pickup

  • Ask your Tohatsu Dealer about the optional Garmin GMI 20 Instrument up-grade !

  • Warning and protection:

  •  Low oil pressure warning

  • Overheat temperature alert

  • Safety Lanyard

  • Over-rev limiter

  • Specifications:

  • Engine:                                                   4-Cylinder

  • Displacement                                        1496cc 

  • Output                                                   55.2 kw

  • Bore & Stroke                                        73 x 89mm

  • Starting                                                  Electric

  • Controls                                                 Remote Control  

  • Gear Shift                                               F-N-R

  • Gear Ratio                                              2.33 : 1

  • Transom                                                 20"

  • Weight                                                    166kg (dry)

  • RPM Range                                             5000 - 6000rpm

  • *specifications subject to change please verify with dealer prior to purchase